Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing have gained prominence in the modern times because it has eliminated the concept of storing data in multiple storage locations. With the cloud technology all the data can be stored on a remote server which can be fetched as and when required. You need to the user over the cloud network are required to pay for the storage services which is directly proportional to the memory allocated .It is disruptive technology in the field of information technology which will help the companies to focus on their core business without planning for the security and storage of confidential data.


web services came into force in the year 2006 by the web based business monster. Today it has become a fruitful organization with nearly 10 billion run rate.


Cloud computing is one of the latest technology for data storage. It was launched in the year 2010. Applicants here can learn various types of storage with the use of Azure data cloud .


Through out the world wide Node.js is a former choice for web developers. NODE.js is considered as an open source ,server which is wrapped around by the JavaScript language for some applications.

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